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2022 in perspective 2023

Can you evolve in digital marketing? Yes, of course. In fact, we believe that we are at the dawn of this discipline. And it will be less and less necessary to include the digital concept. Because either it is digital or it will be nothing

In 2022, in addition to continuing to work with social media strategies (and execution) with innovative formats for clients such as San Sebastián Gastronomika, CCI Idiomas, Konekta Cafe, Eurotoques or La Maldita Wines, we have written more than 700 posts of more than 1,500 positioned words for a specific keyword.

This year we have also turned 10, which we will celebrate shortly. And we have deepened in social innovation with El Hueco, Presura, Labean or, even, Guadalinfo.


Digital Marketing

We love to create innovative digital marketing campaigns to reach our client’s customers regardless of the contact channels: email, social media, landing pages, web, apps,…

Social Media Strategy

In 10 years trying to understand the way to truly connect brands and people we’ve learned that there is no magic potion. Just work and fun!


Blog Articles

Need texts and images in post format? We’ve created more than 4.000 posts (350 to 2000 words, SEO optimised) for dozens of brands.

Creative Copywriting

Want to try storytelling techniques to reach your real buyer persona? We will help you with the best content strategy.

Social Innovation

We believe social innovation is the key to changa the world. That’s why we are working hard to gather the best examples to try to stop depopulation in SPAs.

Open to new adventures

This is a starting point. We love getting into all the puddles. Let’ share and talk

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